Trainee from Switzerland: Christa Lehman

Christa Lehman, from Switzerland, once again visited for training. This time her request was to work on雲手 (Unsu) kata. Accordingly, that is what I taught for her for both days she was here in Oita City.  To sum up what was covered, I retaught her the kata from start to finish, then we practiced...

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Karate Ground Fighting (3 Videos)

Ground fighting is essential. Yet, many Karate practitioners have not been taught it… This is understandable. The original purpose of Karate was to finish an opponent with a single blow – standing up...

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As many know here in Japan and around the world, I teach a special group of kata in their original form. My concept of karate - from Asai Tetsuhiko Sensei - is that Kihon is KUMITE and Kata is KUMIT...

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Two days of training in Kumamoto City

I traveled to Kumamoto to train under Nakamura Masamitsu Shihan. I was again honored by Shihan to teach the youth brown and black belt classes—Kanku Dai (kihon, kata and applications). After that I...

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Trainee from Australia:David Rush Sensei (4th Dan)

David Rush Sensei (4th Dan) from Norwa, South Coast, Australia recently came for training. Rush Sensei is the chief instructor of ‘South Coast Shotokan Karate’:   What impressed me about David’s karate, besides being a great guy, was his excellent sense of ‘ma’ and his t...

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